• 4 Channel 5V Relay Module

    4 Channel 5V Relay Module

    6,800 Ks                                             This is a 5V 4-channel relay interface board, and each channel needs a 15-20mA driver current. It…

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  • BC417 Bluetooth Module

    BC417 Bluetooth Module

    8,000 Ks                                             Features: • Mainstream CSR chip • Bluetooth v2.0 Protocol • Wave band : 2.4GHz-2.8GHz, ISM Band •…

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  • L298N Motor Driver

    L298N Motor Driver

    3,500Ks                                                              Usage: H-Bridge's are typically used in controlling motors speed and direction, but can be used for other projects…

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  • Liquid Crystal Display

    Liquid Crystal Display

    4,000Ks                                                              LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen is an electronic display module and find a wide range of applications. A…

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  • Real Time Clock

    Real Time Clock

    3,000Ks                                                              DS1302 Real Time Clock The DS1302 is a Real Time Clock (RTC) or TimeKeeping Chip with a build-in…

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